Depending on season and weather conditions you can choose from number of outdoor activities


Just open the door and put on your backpack. We have plenty of beautiful and spectacular hikes around us.
You can start from shorter trails of 3-5-10 km or you can choose to have longer routes with overnight in the tent. If you have a bike, you can combine a bike ride on an unpaved road and then hike on a hiking trail.
If you wish, we can offer guided hikes in the area.

Find HERE the hiking trails guide for the area


The most quiet and relaxing moment is when you’re sitting in the canoe, slowly gliding through the water and listening to the sounds of nature.
With a direct access to the Big Lake and available canoe you can explore the lake and its many islands.


If fishing is your passion, then you have to visit our region. Fishing is a very popular activity and the area is one of the best fishing spots in the country. Read more about fishing on the local fishing community’s site

Day trips in the area

You can take on a trip and discover the region and see for example famous place called Flatruet, have a 5-7 km hike to the rock paintings near little village Messlingen, discover other historic and natural wonders. We will be happy to help you to plan your day trips.

Simple living

Curious to try a simple lifestyle ? Get involved in our daily routine – depending on season you can choose between different activities.