Off Grid living

Our property is “off grid” – this means that the guest house is not an ordinary B&B – you will be introduced to the simple lifestyle in the wilderness. You will have an opportunity to figure out how much of waste can be recycled and what does it mean sustainable living and if it is possible in real life.

Off Grid Electricity

Our offgrid energy system means that the electricity has its limits and all depends on the sun energy . You can charge your devices and use the lights in the cabin – just please remember to switch off the lights when you don’t use them.


The water in the house comes from the lake through a filter and it is stored in the water tank which we refill when needed.
Water for shower is heated by energy from batteries in the solar system. It means that on cloudy days there won’t be much energy to heat the water. So the common rule is: “shorter shower time- longer hot water lasts “.

Glamping tent

We have a Glamping tent on our property – for additional price it can be used as sleeping room for 2 persons.


You can loan a 2-persons (adults) canoe. It is possible to rent both of our canoes at the same time, if you are 4 guests and want to spend a nice day exploring the Storsjö (Big Lake). We can also help you to learn canoeing if you never tried it before. 

Images of the guest house