Here you will find quick guides how to use the basic facilitates

Water pump activation

Pressure in the water system is created by the 12 volt water pump. The pump is powered by the 12 volt AGM battery. When you go to shower, wash dishes or even sometimes if you need to faster refill the water in the toilet spoiler, you turn on the water pump and the water pump will run , creating the pressure in the system. The house has 1.000 liters water tank, which is refilled by us when the water is used. Keep in mind, that sometimes there may be no water in the system. Get in touch with us 😉

Charging devices in the kitchen

You can charge smaller devices like phones, iPads etc. with low power consumption with the help of a 100 Watt 12 to 230 volt inverter. Watch the video guide on where to find the charger and how to use it. Please remember to turn it off, when you don’t use it – it may discharge the 12 volt battery during the night hours.

1200 Watt 12 to 230 volt inverter

During the sunny hours we will use the 1200 Watt 12 to 230 Volt inverter for our needs – charging our devices and work with PC. In the guest house there is a power socket connected to this inverter as well, which can be used for charging your devices. If we are not on site, you may turn the inverter on by yourself – watch this guide.
Please be aware – this inverter uses much battery power, so when there is not much input from the solar panel, the battery may be quickly discharged.

Compost container – please use it for organic waste

Did you know that we don’t have a waste container on our property ? Because we separate main types of the waste for recycling station – like paper, glas, plastic and so on. Even the organic waste goes to our compost container – the experiment we started last summer and hopefully it will work for us. Please help us to minimise the waste generation and sort your waste and place it in the main groups. In this video guide you will find out where the compost container can be found. Thanks !